About Us

I’m a motorcyclist first. Not business people or marketing gurus. We ride, and we enjoy everything motorcycle. We’d rather meet other riders and share our experiences, either bench racing or out in the motorcycling world, than anything else.


I have been riding longer than I sometimes care to admit.

I’m a retired U.S. Navy Gas Turbine Engineer, was an MSF instructor for nearly 10 years, a demo rider for Aprilia for 7 years, and I’ve run my own motorcycle parts business for right at 20 years now. I love all things mechanical, but motorcycling has been with me the longest and is ingrained in me. I do what I do because I love motorcycles, motorcyclists, and the Great Smoky Mountains. There are other ways to make a living, but none so satisfying as facilitating new friends getting their bikes set up the way they want them.

I believe in always riding to improve your skills and I enjoy meeting riders and sharing our passions for bikes and riding. I think that the best part of any motorcycle related business is the riders and I’ve been fortunate enough to make friends with many of you over the years.

My shop is in Maryville, TN. close to the world famous “Dragon” at Deals Gap and on days we are not riding you can usually find us working on a motorcycle project or riding around in the truck with our four rescue Great Danes (Currently Torque, Talley, Lincoln, and Gemma) and our little boss Gizmo.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service, parts and accessories, and to treat fellow riders like riders, not numbers passing through our system and leaving money. The way we do business is more time and work, but it’s the right way to take care of your needs when you’re looking for quality parts and service.

Contacting us:

E-mail is preferred: [email protected]

If you have an immediate need you can Call or Text us; 865-730-2453. We won’t answer if we’re covered up in the shop. but will respond as soon as possible.

The Dogs:

If you enjoy dogs, feel free to scroll down and see ours. They enjoying sleeping first and foremost but they also enjoy meeting new people (and treats), and have dinosaurs wars twice a day. Yes, this is a Motorcycle parts site, but we believe dogs are often better than people – we work to Rescue danes, in turn they rescue us, and we are happy to share them and hope we can help pups and people have happy lives.

Torque at work:






Gemma – 8 months old when we wrote this:


Past furkids:



Easton (seriously the best Furkid ever)                                             

Gizmo – He’s actually in charge….