Orders FAQ

How does ordering parts from you work?


We are a bit “old school” (for lack of a better term). It means a bit more work for us, but we believe that taking care of customers correctly is the right way to do things, not just taking your money and holding you hostage. Please read the following explanation, and feel free to e-mail us if you’ve got specific questions about a part you want to order.

If we’ve got a part in stock, you order, we charge your card, and we ship the part. Easy Peasy.

If it’s not in stock, we don’t want to take your money and then have you wait, so if it’s just an item we normally stock, we’ll charge you when it arrives (We usually receive parts weekly) and ship it then, and we’ll communicate with you about it. Most items ship USPS but some larger orders will go via UPS. We always provide tracking data.

If it’s not normally stocked, we’ll charge you a reasonable deposit and not charge the balance until we’ve got the part ready to ship. We make every effort to get parts as quickly as possible, (We get import shipments every week)but sometimes suppliers just aren’t as quick as we think they should be, have their own stock issues, etc. You can cancel an order with us as long as we can cancel the order with the supplier, we refund your entire payment.

We’re sorry that explanation is so long but we want our customers to understand how we do things.

Contacting us:

E-mail is preferred: [email protected]

If you have an immediate need you can call us; 865-730-2453