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We are motorcyclists first. Not business people or marketing gurus. We ride, and we enjoy everything motorcycle. We’d rather meet other riders and share our experiences, either bench racing or out in the motorcycling world, than anything else.

We’ve set up this page to share some of the knowledge we’ve learned over the many years of parts sales, riding and maintenance. If there are any videos you want made or articles written about something you’ve been curious about feel free to give us a shout at [email protected]!

Quick Tips

Just happened to have a motor out of a frame that needed a valve adjustment. I figured I'd get a
    Woke up early one morning and took a quick ride up to The Dragon. Morning's are a pretty
  This subject comes up quite often at the shop and all over the internet. "I'm short, how do I
  Fun Group Ride From Deal's Gap Store to the Overlook with CB, PJ, Diana and Bryan      
      Sprint Air Filter Installation in S1000RR thanks to Chris! (Some foul language)  
      Here PJ shows the package contents and installation of Rizoma GR205A grips. These instructions work for most
        Here PJ shows the package contents and installation of Rizoma MA532A handlebar ends. These instructions work
One of PJ's runs through the Dragon with Sid. Clean run at a decent pace. This is what it looks
Marc Marquez – Action
          Some of us have to face the reality that winter will completely end the riding
A lot of women see me in the shop and comment how I am their hero. While flattered, I am