DID/RK Chain and Sprocket Kits for Indian FTR1200


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The DID ZVM-X2 Gold chain is one of the highest quality chains on the market, Strongest and highest Mileage,  paired with the sprockets you prefer this is the perfect kit for your bike if you want the longest possible life.

The RK ZXW XW Ring Black Scale chain at nearly the same price – nearly identical tensile strength but a totally different trick appearance. These use a “ZX” ring seal for more seal contact. The Regular ZXW Chains are available in either bare steel or gold, with the same tensile Strength

If price is a concern, the VX represents a value option while still delivering 15k miles of service with proper maintenance. It’s a Black and Gold Chain, but appears all Gold on the bike.

Kit includes front sprocket (Rubber bushed if available), chain with rivet type master link, rear sprockets (in black if available).

If you are unsure of your stock gearing or what gearing you want, there is a great resource to find your gearing and what the options do for you. Gearing Commander calculator

525 Kits:

Chain: Tensile Strength is 10,400 lbs for the ZVM-X2, RK ZXW, 10,430 and 9970 for the VX3.


This is the RK ZXW Black Scale chain if you choose to go that route:

RK_525ZXW_Black_Scale_Chain RK_525ZXW_Black_Scale_Chaina


Pictures below are with the Black Scale chain courtesy of Thomas in  Ohio:

FTR Black Scalea FTR Black ScalebFTR Black Scale

Additional information

Sprocket Size

, , , , ,

Chain Type

DID VX-3, DID ZVM-X2, None – Sprockets only, RZ ZXW Black Scale (Black and Gold)


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