Sprint Air Filter for Indian FTR1200



Sprint Filters has worked for years to produce the best filters for racing or production vehicles and that refinement has led to the best performance, quality and ease of maintenance possible. Sprint Filters are used in MotoGp and WSBK due to the higher flow and consistent performance.

Sprint has developed a fine polyester fabric filtration medium that captures 93% of 100 Micron particles (as compared to 75% for traditional cotton aftermarket filters). This thinner consistent material means that the filter can have deeper pleats and more of them, for a greater surface area and 25% greater airflow that’s consistent over the entire RPM range.

– Easy maintenance: Sprint filters don’t require oil. Simply blow the filter clean with low pressure air. It can be gently washed with mild detergent if extremely dirty, but it’s not normally needed.

– Longevity: A sprint filter is the last filter you will ever need! You can clean it as often as needed. You don’t need to be concerned about where your filter oil is.








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